Hear directly from industry leaders and experts as they share the latest advances in Cloud Native Chaos Engineering, the way forward for achieving resiliency and more. Mark your calendar and get excited for the biggest chaos engineering event of the year.


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Day 1, 27 JanDay 2, 28 Jan

Day 1, 27 Jan Sessions

Mikolaj Pawlikowski

Day 1 Keynote


Mikolaj Pawlikowski

Lead Software Engineer


Track 1

Track 2

The Freedom of Kubernetes requires Chaos Engineering to shine in production

Henrik Rexed

Senior Staff Engineer

From Monitoring to Observability: Left Shift your SLOs with Chaos

Michael Friedrich

Senior Developer Evangelist

Chaos Engineering of Ethereum Blockchain Clients

Long Zhang

Phd. Student

Chaos Engineering 2022

Saiyam Pathak

Director of Technical Evangelism

The Importance of Being ... Empathetic

Russ Miles

Lead Engineer

Removing Engineering Bias in Chaos

Ramanpreet Singh

Distinguished Engineer

LitmusChaos on Raspberry Pi Cluster


LitmusChaos on Raspberry Pi Cluster


Sponsor Booths

Hear from the companies about their products and solutions who have sponsor this carnival.

Chaos Engineering in multi-tenant and hybrid environments

Karthik Satchitanand


Pragmatic tips for incident response

Robert Ross


Sociotechnical considerations after a blown SLO

Liz Fong Jones

Principal Developer Advocate

Survival Guide: Black Swan Events

Jake Englund, Emily Arnott

Senior SRE, Content Writer

'Team Resilience Score': a mechanism to encourage teams’ preparedness to avoid failures

Sudeepa Prakash

Senior Product Manager

Reduce error budget depletion with Chaos Engineering

Vishnu V Chikoti

Sr Manager - SRE

The Applications of Non-k8s Chaos Experiments using LitmusChaos

Neelanjan Manna

Software Engineer

GitOps meets Chaos Engineering

Sangam Biradar

Technical Advocate

Day 2, 28 Jan Sessions

Uma Mukkara

Date 2 Keynote


Uma Mukkara

CEO & Co-founder


Track 1

Track 2

Improve resilience with automated chaos engineering

Gunnar Grosch

Developer Advocate

Driving Platform Resiliency at a Startup

Rajdeep Bhattacharya

Head of DevOps

Healthcare operational dashboards for chaos engineering in GCP

Yury Niño Roa

DevOps Engineer

5 Actions to Drive Operational Maturity

Ryan Taylor

Head of Product

Using LitmusChaos in ChaosNative Litmus Cloud(CLC) DevOps cycle


Using LitmusChaos in ChaosNative Litmus Cloud(CLC) DevOps cycle


Sponsor Booths

Hear from the companies about their products and solutions who have sponsor this carnival.

Chaos Engineering alongside LitmusChaos and Jenkins

Akram Riahi

Cloud Builder

Resilient access control for Cloud-Native infrastructure with principles of Chaos Engineering

Sakshyam Shah

Developer Advocate

Reducing Trauma in Production with SLOs and Chaos Engineering

Julie Gunderson, Mandi Walls

Sr. Reliability Advocate, DevOps Advocate

Level-up your organisation with DevSecOps practices & Chaos Engineering

Nik Jain

Director of Solution Engineering

Observing Chaos: Is it possible?

Anthony Evans

Solutions Architect & Podcast Host

When Gremlins Play with Cockroaches: A Chaos Experiment

Jim Walker

Principal Product Evangelist

Transforming a simple Chaos use Case

Sumit Nagal

Principal Engineer

Configuring Kubernetes for Reliability with LitmusChaos

Michael Knyazev

DevOps Consultant

Achieving Continuous Resilience in DevOps through ML and AI

Olga Hall, Ali Jalali, Geoffrey Robinson

Director, Technical Programs, Applied Scientist III & Inclusion Bar Raiser, Principal Technical Program Manager